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China Tibetology(208)
ISSN: 1671-6043
The Fact of the 1705 Event in Tibet 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:33-55  

Borjigidai Oyunbilig;  

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The Dissemination and Transformation of Han Chinese-style Sudhana or Chinese-Style Children in Tibetan Buddhist Art during the Ming Dynasty 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:56-79  

Xiong Wenbin;  

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Tibetan Buddhist Nuns: Damcho Pema's prostrating pilgrimage to Lhasa 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:80-92  

Lengzhi Duojie;  

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The Consolidation of the Suzerain-vassal Relationship between Tibet and Bhutan 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:34-55  

Bkra lo;  

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Wise as the Filial Pious Prince: The Tibetan Sujata-jataka Translated from Chinese Sutras 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:88-112  

Li Channa;  

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A New Probe into the Research Method of Ancient Tibetan Manuscripts 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:3-32  

Pa sangs dBang vdus;  

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The 6th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:3-33  

Editorial Staff;  

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A Diplomatic Edition of the Introductory Section of Yamari's Pramanavarttikalankaratika Suparisuddha 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:78-87  

Li Xuezhu Chu Junjie Eli Franco;  

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Tragedy of Rehabilitation: Land Issue of Tibetans in India 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:101-120  

Huang Yunsong;  

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The Tangut Xixia Collection of Buddhist PaintingsA preliminary survey of the current status of scholarship 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:113-120  

Zhang Linghui;  

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The Life of Red mdav ba 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:56-77  

rDo rje sNying lcags;  

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The Influence of Tibetan Buddhism on Contemporary Mongolian Eco-literature——Case Studies on Xue-boGuo's Novels1 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:93-100  

Ding Yan;  

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Similar in Form, Different in Content: the Ethnic Classification in the P.R.China and the Racial Classification in USA under Comparative Perspective 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:92-110  

Li Xuan;  

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Lu Xingqi and Early Republican China's Tibetan Frontier 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:85-102  

Zhu Lishuang;  

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The Role of Dreams in Guru Chos dbang's Autobiography: Notes on Dreams in Two Volumes of Guru Chos dbang1 's Writings 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:59-71  

Guru kyab;  

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Adaptation and Livelihood Vulnerability among People in the Lhasa Sub-basin of TAR an assessment of the impacts of Climate Change in Lhasa River sub basin 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:40-56  

Luorongzhandui Krishna Oli Chengdong Zenrenli;  

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The United States Government and the Issue of Tibet during the Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:1  Page:72-91  

HU Yan;  

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Exploring Tibetan religious transmission from generational perspective in modern China A case study of Jiuzhaigou National Park 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:103-120  

Nan Ying;  

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Local Participation and Cultural Inclusion: A Case Study on Lunang's Tourism Development in the Context of Policy of Partner Assistance to Tibet 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:19-39  

Yang Minghong Liu Jianxia Zhang Yingwei;  

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The Chang Tang Plateau: new evidence of historic migration 期刊论文

中国藏学:英文版     ISSN:1671-6043  Issue:2  Page:57-84  

By Dawa Tsering Tone Bleie;  

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