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BMC Blood Disorders(78)
ISSN: 14712326
A novel mechanism for egress of malarial parasites from red blood cells 期刊论文

BMC Blood Disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:117  Page:4118-4124  

Abkarian Manouk;   Massiera Gladys;   Berry Laurence;   Roques Magali;   Braun-Breton Catherine;  

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Time-to-diagnosis and symptoms of myeloma, lymphomas and leukaemias: a report from the Haematological Malignancy Research Network 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:9  

Howell Debra A;   Smith Alexandra G;   Jack Andrew;   Patmore Russell;   Macleod Una;   ...

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Factors affecting health-related quality of life in Thai children with thalassemia 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:10  Issue:1  Page:1-1  

Thavorncharoensap Montarat;   Torcharus Kitti;   Nuchprayoon Issarang;   Riewpaiboon Arthorn;   Indaratna Kaemthong;   ...

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Safety of intramuscular influenza vaccine in patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy: a single blinded multi-centre randomized controlled clinical trial 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:8  Issue:1  Page:1-1  

Casajuana Josep;   Iglesias Begoña;   Fàbregas Mireia;   Fina Francesc;   Vallès Joan-Antoni;   ...

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Common variable immunodeficiency unmasked by treatment of immune thrombocytopenic purpura with Rituximab 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:4-4  

Mogensen Trine H;   Bernth-Jensen Jens Magnus;   Petersen Charlotte C;   Petersen Mikkel S;   Nyvold Charlotte;   ...

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An etiological reappraisal of pancytopenia - largest series reported to date from a single tertiary care teaching hospital 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:10-10  

Jain Arvind;   Naniwadekar Manjiri;  

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Prevalence and related factors of anemia in HAART-naive HIV positive patients at Gondar University Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:8  

Ferede Getachew;   Wondimeneh Yitayih;  

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Profile of hematological abnormalities of Indian HIV infected individuals 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:9  Issue:1  Page:5-5  

Dikshit Byomakesh;   Wanchu Ajay;   Sachdeva Ravinder Kaur;   Sharma Aman;   Das Reena;  

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Pica associated with iron deficiency or depletion: clinical and laboratory correlates in 262 non-pregnant adult outpatients 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:10  Issue:1  Page:9-9  

Barton James C;   Barton J Clayborn;   Bertoli Luigi F;  

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Thiopurine methyltransferase genotyping in Palestinian childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:3-3  

Ayesh Basim Mohammad;   Harb Wael Mohammad;   Abed Abdalla Assaf;  

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Prevalence, phenotype and inheritance of benign neutropenia in Arabs 期刊论文

BMC Blood Disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:9  Issue:3  Page:3-3  

Denic Srdjan;   Showqi Saad;   Klein Christoph;   Takala Mohamed;   Nagelkerke Nicollas;   ...

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Iron deficiency anemia is not a rare problem among women of reproductive ages in Ethiopia: a community based cross sectional study 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:9  Issue:1  Page:7-7  

Haidar Jemal A;   Pobocik Rebecca S;  

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Association of anemia and renal function test among diabetes mellitus patients attending Fenote Selam Hospital, West Gojam, Northwest Ethiopia: a cross sectional study 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:6-6  

Abate Alemayehu;   Birhan Wubet;   Alemu Abebe;  

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How useful are complete blood count and reticulocyte reports to clinicians in Addis Ababa hospitals, Ethiopia? 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:11-11  

Birhaneselassie Misganaw;   Birhanu Asaye;   Gebremedhin Amha;   Tsegaye Aster;  

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An interview with Dan L. Longo, Section Editor of the Malignant hematological diseases section 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:2-2  

Longo Dan L;  

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Baseline thrombocytopenia complicated by recurrent episodes of transient severe thrombocytopenia following infections in an adult woman with a non involuting congenital h... 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:7-7  

Shivanthan Mitrakrishnan C;   Wijesiriwardena Bandula;   Wijesiriwardena Indira S;  

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Local concepts of anemia-related illnesses and public health implications in the Taabo health demographic surveillance system, Côte d’Ivoire 期刊论文

BMC Blood Disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  

Kouadio M’Bra KD;   Righetti Aurélie A;   Abé Noël N;   Wegmüller Rita;   Weiss Mitchell G;   ...


BMC Blood Disorders becomes BMC Hematology: evolving along with the hematology field 期刊论文

BMC hematology   ISSN:2052-1839,1471-2326  Volume:13  Issue:1  Page:1-1  

Chap Christna;  

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Prevalence and molecular characterization of Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase deficient variants among the Kurdish population of Northern Iraq 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:10  Issue:1  Page:6-6  

Al-Allawi Nasir;   Eissa Adil A;   Jubrael Jaladet Ms;   Jamal Shakir Ar;   Hamamy Hanan;  

来源数据库:Directory of Open Access Journals        

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An up-date on the prevalence of sickle cell trait in Eastern and Western Uganda 期刊论文

BMC blood disorders   ISSN:1471-2326  Volume:10  Issue:1  Page:5-5  

Okwi Andrew L;   Byarugaba Wilson;   Ndugwa Christopher M;   Parkes Arthur;   Ocaido Michael;   ...

来源数据库:Directory of Open Access Journals        

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