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Aircraft design(69)
ISSN: 1369-8869
A fault tolerant flight control system for sensor and actuator failures using neural networks 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:3  Issue:2  Page:103-128  

Napolitano Marcello R;   An Younghwan;   Seanor Brad A;  

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Flying wing - Problems and decisions 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:4  Page:193-219  

Bolsunovsky A.L;   Buzoverya N.P;   Gurevich B.I;   Denisov V.E;   Dunaevsky A.I;   ...

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Laddermill, a novel concept to exploit the energy in the airspace 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:2-3  Page:81-97  

Ockels Wubbo J;  

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Numerical investigation of an airfoil with a Gurney flap 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:1  Issue:2  Page:75-88  

Jang Cory S;   Ross James C;   Cummings Russell M;  


On-line parameter estimation for restructurable flight control systems 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:1  Page:19-50  

Napolitano Marcello R;   Song Yongkyu;   Seanor Brad;  

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A probabilistic approach for examining aircraft concept feasibility and viability 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:3  Issue:2  Page:79-101  

Mavris Dimitri N;   DeLaurentis Daniel A;  

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Design of fiber metal laminate shear panels for ultra-high capacity aircraft 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:2-3  Page:99-113  

Wittenberg T.C;   Van Baten T.J;   De Boer A;  

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Advanced configurations for very large transport airplanes 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:1  Issue:4  Page:217-242  

McMasters John H;   Kroo Ilan M;  

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Turbofan engine database as a preliminary design tool 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:3  Issue:1  Page:17-31  

Svoboda Charlie;  

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Investigation of hybrid laminar flow control (HLFC) surfaces 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:2-3  Page:127-146  

Young T.M;   Humphreys B;   Fielding J.P;  

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Design of low-speed aircraft by numerical and experimental techniques developed at DPA 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:1  Page:1-18  

Coiro D.P;   Nicolosi F;  

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Model for international teaming in aircraft design education 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:3  Issue:4  Page:239-247  

Jenkinson Lloyd R;   Page Gary J;   Marchman Jim F;  

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Aerodynamic optimisation of wings in multi-engined tractor propeller arrangements 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:3  Issue:3  Page:129-149  

Veldhuis L.L.M;   Heyma P.M;  

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Design concept of a high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:2  Issue:1  Page:19-44  

Goraj Zdobyslaw;   Frydrychiewicz Andrzej;   Winiecki Jacek;  

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Mass distribution management & dynamic balancing of aircraft mass 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:1  Page:51-61  

Malaek S.M;   Soltan-Mohammed B;  

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Multidisciplinary design optimization of an electric-powered unmanned air vehicle 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:2  Issue:1  Page:1-18  

Batill Stephen M;   Stelmack Marc A;   Qing Yu Xiong;  

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High-bypass turbofan model using a fan radial-profile performance map 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:2-3  Page:115-126  

Curnock B;   Yin J;   Hales R;   Pilidis P;  

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Thrust reverser modulation - A tool to command landing ground run 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:4  Page:179-191  

Malaek S.M;   Parastari J;  

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Failure management scheme for use in a flush air data system 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:4  Issue:4  Page:151-162  

Srinatha Sastry C.V;   Raman K.S;   Lakshman Babu B;  

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Aircraft configuration and flight profile optimization using simulated annealing 期刊论文

Aircraft Design     ISSN:1369-8869  Volume:2  Issue:4  Page:239-255  

Pant Rajkumar;   Fielding J.P;  

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