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Building acoustics(336)
ISSN: 1351-010X
A Review of Sustainable Materials for Acoustic Applications 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:19  Issue:4  Page:283-311  

Asdrubali F;   Schiavoni S;   Horoshenkov K. V;  


Review of acoustic comfort evaluation in dwellings—part I: Associations of acoustic field data to subjective responses from building surveys 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:25  Issue:2  Page:151-170  

Vardaxis Nikolaos-Georgios;   Bard Delphine;   Persson Waye Kerstin;  

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Improving building envelope performance with respect to thermal, sound insulation, and lighting: a case study 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:4  Page:243-262  

Habibi Shahryar;  

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A field study on the acoustic environment of special-needs education classrooms 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:4  Page:263-274  

Ueno Kanako;   Noguchi Saki;   Takahashi Hidetoshi;  

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Speech intelligibility and listening effort in university classrooms for native and non-native Italian listeners 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:4  Page:275-291  

Visentin Chiara;   Prodi Nicola;   Cappelletti Francesca;   Torresin Simone;   Gasparella Andrea;  

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Laboratory and in situ sound absorption measurement under a synthetized diffuse acoustic field 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:4  Page:223-242  

Robin Olivier;   Berry Alain;   Kafui Amédin Celse;   Atalla Noureddine;   Doutres Olivier;   ...

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Classroom acoustics: Listening problems in children 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Page:1351010  

Gheller Flavia;   Lovo Elisa;   Arsie Athena;   Bovo Roberto;  

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Acoustic performance of countersunk micro-perforated panel in multilayer porous material 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Page:1351010  

Yuvaraj L;   Jeyanthi S;  

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Indoor soundscape perception in residential spaces: A cross-cultural analysis in Ankara, Turkey 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Page:1351010  

Mohamed Mohamed Ali Elghadaffi;   Dokmeci Yorukoglu Papatya Nur;  

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The use of façade sun shading systems for the reduction of indoor and outdoor sound pressure levels 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:3  Page:181-206  

Fausti Patrizio;   Secchi Simone;   Zuccherini Martello Nicolò;  

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Acoustical planning for workplace health and well-being: A case study in four open-plan offices 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:3  Page:207-220  

Lee Young;   Aletta Francesco;  

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Effect of a joint on breakout noise characteristics of rectangular duct 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:3  Page:169-180  

Jade Nagaraja;   Venkatesham B;  

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Calibration of the ISO tapping machine for finite-element prediction tool on a wooden-base floor 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:3  Page:157-167  

Qian Cheng;   Ménard Sylvain;   Bard-Hagberg Delphine;   Kouyoumji Jean-Luc;   Negreira Juan;  

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Influence of visual aspects and other features on the soundscape assessment of a university external area 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:25  Issue:3  Page:199-217  

D’Alessandro Francesco;   Evangelisti Luca;   Guattari Claudia;   Grazieschi Gianluca;   Orsini Federico;  

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The use of numerical models on service equipment noise prediction in heavyweight and lightweight timber buildings 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:1  Page:35-55  

Caniato Marco;   Bettarello Federica;   Schmid Chiara;   Fausti Patrizio;  

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Acoustic comfort in a worship space made of cross-laminated timber 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:121-138  

Fratoni Giulia;   D’Orazio Dario;   Barbaresi Luca;  

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Using sound pressure level and vibration velocity method to determine sound reduction index of lightweight partitions 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:109-120  

Shehap AM;   A Mahmoud Abd Elfattah;   Mohamed Hatem Kh;  

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Low-frequency behaviour of a sound field inside a reverberant room: Measurements and numerical prediction tools 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:93-108  

Negreira Juan;   Sjöström Anders;   Glebe Dag;  

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An impact study of acoustic environment on users in large interior spaces 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:139-153  

Chen Jing;   Ma Hui;  

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An experimental study on the optimization of the production and efficiency of tunable Helmholtz absorbers for the modal control of small rooms 期刊论文

Building Acoustics     ISSN:1351-010X  Volume:26  Issue:2  Page:69-91  

Thomazelli Rodolfo;   Bertoli Stelamaris;  

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