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ISSN: 1004-5619
Assessment on Application of 24 Y-STR Loci in Forensic Science 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:236  

L M;   Huang L;   Wang X J;   Chen Y L;   Sheng X;   ...

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Research Progress of Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technology Based on PC-Crash Software 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:276  

He Y W;   Zeng X F;   Yan W;   Li Y;   Song T Z;   ...

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Development of Lung Compression Degree Measurement Software of Pneumothorax and Its Application in Forensic Medicine 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:260  

Wu Y B;   Wu B;   Li Y;   Hu X F;   Si D L;  

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Research Progress of Age Estimation Based on Age-related Changes of Dentin-pulp Complex 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:280  

Chu G;   Zhang Z Y;   Zhou H;   Yan C X;   Chen T;   ...

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Correlation between Movement Distance of Small Intestinal Contents and Survival Time in Female Rats after Feeding 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:233  

Chen L;   Fang J J;   Meng G;   Xiao S B;   Qin M;   ...

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Application of Touch DNA in Investigation Practice 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:294  

Lu X;   Xu Z;   Niu Q S;   Tu Z;  

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Progress on Molecular Biology for Forensic Ancestry Inference 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:286  

Sun K;   Hou Y P;  

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Identification of New Designer Benzodiazepine Diclazepam in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:248  

Xiang P;   Shen B H;   Yan H;   Liu W;   Shen M;   ...

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Genetic Polymorphisms of 27 Y-STR Loci in Dongxiang Population of Gansu Province 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:270  

Liu Y J;   Guo L H;   Li J;   Yue J T;   Shi M S;  

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Genetic Parameters of SNP Loci in Next Generation Sequencing Kits and Their Comparison 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:242  

Zhou M;   Zhang K;   Wang J;  

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Study on Urinary Metabolic Profile in Rats with Deep Venous Thrombosis Based on Pattern Recognition 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:228  

Cao J;   Lü X G;   Li Y;   Jin Q Q;   Chu X Y;   ...

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Effects of Temperature on FTIR Spectral Characteristics of Renal Tissue in Rats after Death 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:223  

Wang L;   Wang Q;   Lin H C;   Huang P;   Deng K F;   ...

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Analysis on Injury Manners of 31 Cases of Bennett Fracture and Rolando Fracture 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:257  

Zhou X R;   Ran D;  

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Genetic Polymorphisms of 19 STR Loci in Populations of Three Culture Region in Shandong 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:264  

Zhang S S;   Tang Y Q;   Zhang M X;   Gao H M;   Wang C;   ...

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Analysis of 124 Suicide Cases in Wuhua District in Kunming 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:3  Page:253  

Fu H;   Dai W W;   Jia P L;   Huang K;   Meng H;   ...

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Assessment of Height Prediction Model Based on SNPs Loci 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:2  Page:132  

Jiao H Y;   Sun Y N;   Jing X X;   Liu J;   Jiang L;   ...

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Forensic Application of SiFaSTR™ 23plex DNA ID System in Han Population of Eastern China 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:2  Page:120  

Bao Y;   Sheng X;   Zhang J S;   Li M;   Li Y N;   ...

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Molecular Identification of Sarcosaphagous Flies in Luoyang Based on 28S rRNA Gene Sequence 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:2  Page:114  

Zhao L L;   Zhai X D;   Zhang Z;   Lü Z;   Xia Z Y;   ...

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Effect of Benzidine Test on DNA Analysis of Bloodstain 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:2  Page:157  

Jin M;   Ba H J;   Zhu A H;   Ma J;   Shi J W;   ...

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Age Estimation of Adult Living Donor by Pubic MSCT Three-dimensional Reconstruction 期刊论文

Fa yi xue za zhi     ISSN:1004-5619  Volume:34  Issue:2  Page:150  

Fang J J;   Qin M;   Xiao S B;   Chen L;   Liu B;  

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