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Food Chemistry(32,948)
ISSN: 0308-8146
Honey: Chemical composition, stability and authenticity 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:196  Page:309-323  

da Silva Priscila Missio;   Gauche Cony;   Gonzaga Luciano Valdemiro;   Costa Ana Carolina Oliveira;   Fett Roseane;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:201

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Interactions of polyphenols with carbohydrates, lipids and proteins 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:175  Page:556-567  

Jakobek Lidija;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:241

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Bound phenolics in foods, a review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:152  Page:46-55  

Acosta-Estrada Beatriz A;   Gutiérrez-Uribe Janet A;   Serna-Saldívar Sergio O;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:297

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Tailoring properties of natural deep eutectic solvents with water to facilitate their applications 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:187  Page:14-19  

Dai Yuntao;   Witkamp Geert-Jan;   Verpoorte Robert;   Choi Young Hae;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:186

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A critical review of methods for characterisation of polyphenolic compounds in fruits and vegetables 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:126  Issue:4  Page:1821-1835  

Ignat Ioana;   Volf Irina;   Popa Valentin I;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:551

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Bioactivity of phenolic acids: Metabolites versus parent compounds: A review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:173  Page:501-513  

Heleno Sandrina A;   Martins Anabela;   Queiroz Maria João R.P;   Ferreira Isabel C.F.R;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:180

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Dietary fibre and fibre-rich by-products of food processing: Characterisation, technological functionality and commercial applications: A review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:124  Issue:2  Page:411-421  

Elleuch Mohamed;   Bedigian Dorothea;   Roiseux Olivier;   Besbes Souhail;   Blecker Christophe;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:539

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Hibiscus sabdariffa L. – A phytochemical and pharmacological review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:165  Page:424-443  

Da-Costa-Rocha Inês;   Bonnlaender Bernd;   Sievers Hartwig;   Pischel Ivo;   Heinrich Michael;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:164

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A review of the dietary flavonoid, kaempferol on human health and cancer chemoprevention 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:138  Issue:4  Page:2099-2107  

Chen Allen Y;   Chen Yi Charlie;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:276

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Plant derived and dietary phenolic antioxidants: Anticancer properties 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:183  Page:235-258  

Roleira Fernanda M.F;   Tavares-da-Silva Elisiário J;   Varela Carla L;   Costa Saul C;   Silva Tiago;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:162

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Influence of particle size on lipid digestion and β-carotene bioaccessibility in emulsions and nanoemulsions 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:141  Issue:2  Page:1472-1480  

Salvia-Trujillo L;   Qian C;   Martín-Belloso O;   McClements D.J;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:230

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Fish protein hydrolysates: Proximate composition, amino acid composition, antioxidant activities and applications: A review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:135  Issue:4  Page:3020-3038  

Chalamaiah M;   Dinesh kumar B;   Hemalatha R;   Jyothirmayi T;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:244

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Advances in characterisation and biological activities of chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharides 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:190  Page:1174-1181  

Zou Pan;   Yang Xin;   Wang Jing;   Li Yongfei;   Yu Hailong;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:124

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The molecular basis of working mechanism of natural polyphenolic antioxidants 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:125  Issue:2  Page:288-306  

Leopoldini Monica;   Russo Nino;   Toscano Marirosa;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:470

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Estimation of antiradical properties of antioxidants using DPPH center dot assay: A critical review and results 期刊论文

FOOD CHEMISTRY     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:130  Issue:4  Page:1036-1043  

Mishra K;   Ojha H;   Chaudhury NK;  


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Antibacterial and antifungal activities of thymol: A brief review of the literature 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:210  Page:402-414  

Marchese Anna;   Orhan Ilkay Erdogan;   Daglia Maria;   Barbieri Ramona;   Di Lorenzo Arianna;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:106

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Estimation of antiradical properties of antioxidants using DPPH assay: A critical review and results 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:130  Issue:4  Page:1036-1043  

Mishra Krishnanand;   Ojha Himanshu;   Chaudhury Nabo Kumar;  


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Chemical studies of anthocyanins: A review 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:113  Issue:4  Page:859-871  

Castañeda-Ovando Araceli;   Pacheco-Hernández Ma. de Lourdes;   Páez-Hernández Ma. Elena;   Rodríguez José A;   Galán-Vidal Carlos Andrés;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:841

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A new strategy for determination of bisphenol A in the presence of Sudan I using a ZnO/CNTs/ionic liquid paste electrode in food samples 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:158  Page:125-131  

Najafi Maryam;   Khalilzadeh Mohammad A;   Karimi-Maleh Hassan;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:175

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Identification and quantification of phenolic compounds from pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peel, mesocarp, aril and differently produced juices by HPLC-DAD–ESI/MSn 期刊论文

Food Chemistry     ISSN:0308-8146  Volume:127  Issue:2  Page:807-821  

Fischer Ulrike A;   Carle Reinhold;   Kammerer Dietmar R;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:350

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