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Big Data in Smart Farming – A review 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:153  Page:69-80  

Wolfert Sjaak;   Ge Lan;   Verdouw Cor;   Bogaardt Marc-Jeroen;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:145

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The crop yield gap between organic and conventional agriculture 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:108  Page:1-9  

de Ponti Tomek;   Rijk Bert;   van Ittersum Martin K;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:308

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Brief history of agricultural systems modeling 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:155  Issue:C  Page:240-254  

Jones James W;   Antle John M;   Basso Bruno;   Boote Kenneth J;   Conant Richard T;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:66

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A framework for evaluating ecosystem services provided by cover crops in agroecosystems 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:125  Page:12-22  

Schipanski Meagan E;   Barbercheck Mary;   Douglas Margaret R;   Finney Denise M;   Haider Kristin;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:135

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Crop residue management and soil health: A systems analysis 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:134  Page:6-16  

Turmel Marie-Soleil;   Speratti Alicia;   Baudron Frédéric;   Verhulst Nele;   Govaerts Bram;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:97

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Adaptive management in agricultural innovation systems: The interactions between innovation networks and their environment 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:103  Issue:6  Page:390-400  

Klerkx Laurens;   Aarts Noelle;   Leeuwis Cees;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:259

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Decision support tools for agriculture: Towards effective design and delivery 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:149  Page:165-174  

Rose David C;   Sutherland William J;   Parker Caroline;   Lobley Matt;   Winter Michael;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:48

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Toward a new generation of agricultural system data, models, and knowledge products: State of agricultural systems science 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:155  Page:269-288  

Jones James W;   Antle John M;   Basso Bruno;   Boote Kenneth J;   Conant Richard T;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:55

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The impacts of climate change on livestock and livestock systems in developing countries: A review of what we know and what we need to know 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:101  Issue:3  Page:113-127  

Thornton P.K;   van de Steeg J;   Notenbaert A;   Herrero M;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:281

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Losses, inefficiencies and waste in the global food system 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:153  Page:190-200  

Alexander Peter;   Brown Calum;   Arneth Almut;   Finnigan John;   Moran Dominic;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:54

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Communicating complexity: Integrated assessment of trade-offs concerning soil fertility management within African farming systems to support innovation and development 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:104  Issue:2  Page:191-203  

Giller K.E;   Tittonell P;   Rufino M.C;   van Wijk M.T;   Zingore S;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:185

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An innovation systems approach to institutional change: Smallholder development in West Africa 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:108  Page:74-83  

Hounkonnou Dominique;   Kossou Dansou;   Kuyper Thomas W;   Leeuwis Cees;   Nederlof E. Suzanne;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:145

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The yield gap of global grain production: A spatial analysis 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:103  Issue:5  Page:316-326  

Neumann Kathleen;   Verburg Peter H;   Stehfest Elke;   Müller Christoph;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:222

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Unravelling the role of innovation platforms in supporting co-evolution of innovation: Contributions and tensions in a smallholder dairy development programme 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:118  Page:65-77  

Kilelu Catherine W;   Klerkx Laurens;   Leeuwis Cees;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:111

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How much land is needed for global food production under scenarios of dietary changes and livestock productivity increases in 2030? 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:103  Issue:9  Page:621-638  

Wirsenius Stefan;   Azar Christian;   Berndes Göran;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:177

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Comparative life cycle environmental impacts of three beef production strategies in the Upper Midwestern United States 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:103  Issue:6  Page:380-389  

Pelletier Nathan;   Pirog Rich;   Rasmussen Rebecca;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:200

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Integrated assessment of agricultural systems – A component-based framework for the European Union (SEAMLESS) 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:96  Issue:1  Page:150-165  

van Ittersum Martin K;   Ewert Frank;   Heckelei Thomas;   Wery Jacques;   Alkan Olsson Johanna;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:293

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Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from beef production in western Canada: A case study 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:103  Issue:6  Page:371-379  

Beauchemin Karen A;   Henry Janzen H;   Little Shannan M;   McAllister Tim A;   McGinn Sean M;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:173

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Comparing the determinants of cropland abandonment in Albania and Romania using boosted regression trees 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:117  Page:66-77  

Müller Daniel;   Leitão Pedro J;   Sikor Thomas;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:98

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Life cycle assessment of Swiss farming systems: I. Integrated and organic farming 期刊论文

Agricultural Systems     ISSN:0308-521X  Volume:104  Issue:3  Page:217-232  

Nemecek Thomas;   Dubois David;   Huguenin-Elie Olivier;   Gaillard Gérard;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:135

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