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Architectural Science Review(1,520)
ISSN: 0003-8628
Buildings don't use energy: people do 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:54  Issue:1  Page:15-22  

Janda Kathryn B;  

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What is an intelligent building? Analysis of recent interpretations from an international perspective 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:59  Issue:5  Page:338-357  

Ghaffarianhoseini Amirhosein;   Berardi Umberto;   Berardi Umberto;   AlWaer Husam;   Chang Seongju;   ...

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A bibliometric review of green building research 2000-2016 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:1  Page:74-88  

Zhao Xianbo;   Zuo Jian;   Wu Guangdong;   Huang Can;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:9

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Structural Developments in Tall Buildings: Current Trends and Future Prospects 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:50  Issue:3  Page:205-223  

Ali Mir M;   Moon Kyoung Sun;  


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Modelling paths of risks associated with BIM implementation in architectural, engineering and construction projects 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:60  Issue:6  Page:472-482  

Zhao Xianbo;   Feng Yingbin;   Pienaar Josua;   O'Brien Darryl;  

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Specific ISO/CIE cloudless winter skies in Australia 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Page:1-8  

Kittler Richard;   Darula Stanislav;  


Integration of agent-based modelling of social-spatial processes in architectural parametric design 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Page:1-16  

Nguyen Binh Vinh Duc;   Wang Tsung-Hsien;   Peng Chengzhi;  


Dynamics in architectural science 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:271-272  

Hyde Richard;  


Physical and perceptual gap in indoor environmental quality: a mixed method study of space and users at an aged care facility in Victoria 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:286-300  

Noguchi Masa;   Woo Catherine Mei Min;   Chau Hing-Wah;   Zhou Jin;   Pianella Andrea;   ...

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Prototype development of responsive kinetic façade control system for the elderly based on Ambient Assisted Living 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:273-285  

Ham Sungil;   Cho Heayon;   Lee Hyunsoo;   Lee Ghang;  


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Construction and demolition waste research: a bibliometric analysis 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:354-365  

Wu Huanyu;   Zuo Jian;   Zillante George;   Wang Jiayuan;   Yuan Hongping;  

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Empirical validation of the spatial-choice modelling approach to user simulation 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:313-322  

Kim Tae Wan;   Cha Seung Hyun;  

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A novel approach for renovation of current social housing stock based on energy consumption in Turkey: significance of occupant behaviour 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:323-337  

Harputlugil Gülsu Ulukavak;   Harputlugil Timuçin;   Pedergnana Matthieu;   Sarıoğlu Esra;  

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A learning automated 3D architecture synthesis model: demonstrating a computer governed design of minimal apartment units based on human perceptual and physical needs 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:301-312  

Fisher-Gewirtzman Dafna;   Polak Nir;  

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Exploring the effects of daylight and glazing types on self-reported satisfactions and performances: a pilot investigation in an office 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:4  Page:338-353  

Chen Xiaodong;   Zhang Xin;   Du Jiangtao;  

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A proposed framework to investigate effective BIM adoption for refurbishment of building projects 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:61  Issue:6  Page:467-479  

Okakpu Anthony;   GhaffarianHoseini Ali;   Tookey John;   Haar Jarrod;   Ghaffarianhoseini Amirhosein;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]         被引频次:1

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Robotic additive manufacturing (RAM) with clay using topology optimization principles for toolpath planning: the example of a building element 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Page:1-14  

Kontovourkis Odysseas;   Tryfonos George;   Georgiou Christos;  


Energy and the form of cities: the counterintuitive impact of disruptive technologies 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:2  Page:145-151  

Ahmadian Ehsan;   Byrd Hugh;   Sodagar Behzad;   Matthewman Steve;   Kenney Christine;   ...

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]        

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Aquilomorphism: materializing wind in architecture through ice weathering simulations 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:2  Page:182-192  

Charest Philippe;   Potvin André;   Demers Claude M. H;  

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Calibration process and parametrization of tropical plants using ENVI-met V4 - Sao Paulo case study 期刊论文

Architectural Science Review     ISSN:0003-8628  Volume:62  Issue:2  Page:112-125  

Shinzato Paula;   Simon Helge;   Silva Duarte Denise Helena;   Bruse Michael;  

来源数据库:[Web of Science, Scopus]        

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