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Cell Research(39)
ISSN: 1001-0602
Complex role of matrix metalloproteinases in angiogenesis 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:3  Page:171-177  

Sang Qing Xiang Amy;  

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Cell surface activation of progelatinase A (proMMP-2) and cell migration 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:3  Page:179-186  

Nagase Hideakl;  

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Matrix metalloproteinases and their expression in mammary gland 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:3  Page:187-194  

Uria Jose A;   Werb Zena;  

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The role of the hedgehog/patched signaling pathway in epithelial stem cell proliferation: From fly to human 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:1  Page:15-21  

Parisi Michael J;   Lin Haifan;  

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The RAF family: An expanding network of post-translational controls and protein-protein interactions 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:2  Page:81-98  

Anton Yuryev;   Wennogle Lawrence P;  

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Nitric oxide: From a mysterious labile factor to the molecule of the nobel prize: Recent progress in nitric oxide research 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:251-258  

Xu Wei Ming;   Liu Li Zhi;  

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Amphibian metamorphosis as a model for studying the developmental actions of thyroid hormone 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:259-272  

Tata Jamshed R;  

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Posterior gut development in Drosophila: A model system for identifying genes controlling epithelial morphogenesis 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:273-284  

Lengyel Judith A;   Liu Xue Jun;  

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Regulation of gene expression, growth, and cell survival by IL-4: Contribution of multiple signaling pathways 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:1  Page:1-13  

Keegan Achsah D;   Zamoran Jose;  

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The kinetics of IL-4 and IFN-γ gene expression in Mice after Trichosansin immunization 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:295-302  

Yang Cui Hong;   Ji Yong Yong;   Yeh Ming;  

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An Arabidopsis embryonic lethal mutant with reduced expression of alanyl-tRNA synthetase gene 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:2  Page:119-134  

Sun Jian Ge;   Yao Xiao Li;   Yang Zhi Xing;   Zhu Zhi Ping;  

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Construction of a DNA library from chromosome 4 of rice (Oryza sativa) by microdissection 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:285-293  

Mao Ying Wei;   Liang Si Yuan;   Song Wen Qin;   Li Xiu Lan;   Chen Rui Yang;  

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Antisense oligonucleotide to insulin-like growth factor II induces apoptosis in human ovarian cancer AO cell line 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:2  Page:159-165  

De Yin Ling;   Pu Lu;   Pei Gang;  

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The 5′-flanking cis-acting elements of the human ε-globin gene associates with the nuclear matrix and binds to the nuclear matrix proteins 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:3  Page:209-218  

Yan Zhi Jiang;   Qian Ruo Lan;  

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The studies on neurogenesis induced by brain injury in adult ring dove 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:2  Page:151-158  

Zuo Mlng Xue;  

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EGFR antisense RNA blocks expression of the epidermal growth factor receptor and partially reverse the malignant phenotype of human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:1  Page:63-71  

Fan Wen Hong;   Lu Ying Lin;   Deng Fan;   Ge Xue Ming;   Liu Shuang;   ...

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On the history of nuclear matrix manifestation 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:2  Page:99-103  

Zbarsky I.B;  

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Types of voltage-dependent calcium channels involved in high potassium depolarization-induced amylase secretion in the exocrine pancreatic tumour cell line AR42J 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:1  Page:23-31  

Cui Zong Jie;  


Val 70, Phe 72 and the last seven amino acid residues of C-terminal are essential to the function of norepinephrine transporter 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:311-315  

Liu Yan Hong;   Huang Fang;   Fei Jian;   Zhao Jian Xing;   Gu Quang Bag;   ...

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Expression of cytokine mRNA during immuno-modulation of murine suppressor macrophages 期刊论文

Cell Research   ISSN:1001-0602  Volume:8  Issue:4  Page:317-322  

Feng Wei Guo;   Chang Zhong Liang;  

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