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期刊名称: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
Volume:10    Issue:4        Page:403-413

Regional yield estimation for winter wheat with MODIS-NDVI data in Shandong, China期刊论文

作者: Ren Jianqiang Chen Zhongxin Zhou Qingbo Tang Huajun

页码: 403-413
期刊名称: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
ISSN: 1569-8432
卷期: Volume:10    Issue:4
摘要: The significance of crop yield estimation is well known in agricultural management and policy development at regional and national levels. The primary objective of this study was to test the suitability of the method, depending on predicted crop production, to estimate crop yield with a MODIS-NDVI-based model on a regional scale. In this paper, MODIS-NDVI data, with a 250 m resolution, was used to estimate the winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) yield in one of the main winter-wheat-growing regions. Our study region is located in Jining, Shandong Province. In order to improve the quality of remote sensing data and the accuracy of yield prediction, especially to eliminate the cloud-contaminated data and abnormal data in the MODIS-NDVI series, the Savitzky-Golay filter was applied to smooth the 10-day NDVI data. The spatial accumulation of NDVI at the county level was used to test its relationship with winter wheat production in the study area. A linear regressive relationship between the spatial accumulation of NDVI and the production of winter wheat was established using a stepwise regression method. The average yield was derived from predicted production divided by the growing acreage of winter wheat on a county level. Finally, the results were validated by the ground survey data, and the errors were compared with the errors of agro-climate models. The results showed that the relative errors of the predicted yield using MODIS-NDVI are between -4.62% and 5.40% and that whole RMSE was 214.16 kg ha lower than the RMSE (233.35 kg ha ) of agro-climate models in this study region. A good predicted yield data of winter wheat could be got about 40 days ahead of harvest time, i.e. at the booting-heading stage of winter wheat. The method suggested in this paper was good for predicting regional winter wheat production and yield estimation. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
相关主题: Regional yield estimation, NDVI, China, MODIS, Remote sensing, Winter wheat,






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