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期刊名称: Chest
Volume:156    Issue:2        Page:211-227

Imaging of Pulmonary Hypertension期刊论文

作者: Altschul Erica Remy-Jardin Martine Machnicki Stephen Sulica Roxana Moore Jonathan A

页码: 211-227
出版者: Elsevier Inc
期刊名称: Chest
ISSN: 0012-3692
卷期: Volume:156    Issue:2
摘要: Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is an end result of a diverse array of complex clinical conditions that invoke hemodynamic and pathophysiological changes in the pulmonary vasculature. Many patients’ symptoms begin with dyspnea on exertion for which screening tests such as chest roentgenograms and more definitive noninvasive tests such as CT scans are ordered initially. It is imperative that clinicians are cognizant of subtle clues on these imaging modalities that alert them to the possibility of PH. These clues may serve as a stepping stone towards more advanced noninvasive (echocardiogram) and invasive (right heart catheterization) testing. On the CT scan, the signs are classified into mediastinal and lung parenchymal abnormalities. In addition to suspecting the diagnosis of PH, this paper provides a pictorial essay to guide health care professionals in identifying the etiology of PH. This paper also provides concrete definitions, wherever possible, of what constitutes abnormalities in PH, such as dilated pulmonary arteries, pruning of vessels, and increased thickness of free wall of the right ventricle. The sensitivities and specificities of each sign are enumerated. The common radiographic and clinical features of many different etiologies of PH are tabulated for the convenience of the readers. Some newer imaging modalities such as dual-energy CT of the chest that hold promise for the future are also described.
相关主题: chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension, dual-energy CT, ill-defined nodules, pulmonary hypertension, mosaicism,






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