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期刊名称: Drying Technology
Volume:36    Issue:8        Page:893-907

Red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) drying: Effects of different drying methods on drying kinetics, physicochemical properties, antioxidant capacity, and microstructure期刊论文

作者: Deng Li-Zhen Yang Xu-Hai Mujumdar A. S Zhao Jin-Hong Wang Dong

页码: 893-907
被引频次: 35
出版者: Taylor & Francis,TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC
期刊名称: Drying Technology
ISSN: 0737-3937
卷期: Volume:36    Issue:8
语言: English
摘要: Results of an experimental study are presented and discussed for pulsed vacuum drying (PVD), infrared-assisted hot air-drying (IR-HAD), and hot air-drying (HAD) on drying kinetics, physicochemical properties (surface color, nonenzyme browning index, red pigments, rehydration ratio, water holding capacity, and ascorbic acid), antioxidant capacity (ferric reducing antioxidant power and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging capacity), and microstructure of red pepper. As expected, the drying time decreased with an increase in drying air temperature, IR-HAD needed the shortest drying time, followed by HAD and PVD. The effective moisture diffusivity (D eff ) of red pepper under PVD, HAD, and IR-HAD was computed to be in the range 1.33-5.83 × 10 −10 , 1.38-6.87 × 10 −10 , and 1.75-8.97 × 10 −10 m 2 /s, respectively. PVD provided superior physicochemical properties of dried red pepper compared to samples dried by HAD and IR-HAD. In detail, PVD yielded higher rehydration ratio, water holding capacity, red pigment and ascorbic acid content, brighter color, lower nonenzyme browning index, and comparable antioxidant capacity compared to samples dried by HAD and IR-HAD at the same drying temperature. Furthermore, PVD promoted the formation of a more porous structure, while HAD and IR-HAD yielded less porous structure. The current findings indicate that PVD drying has the potential to produce high-quality dried red pepper on commercial scale.
相关主题: Antioxidant capacity, drying kinetics, red pepper, physicochemical properties, infrared-assisted hot air-drying, pulsed vacuum drying, WATER ACTIVITY, FRUITS, REHYDRATION, PAPRIKA, CAROTENOIDS, PULSED VACUUM, ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL, ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL, QUALITY ATTRIBUTES, SLICES, TEMPERATURE, COLOR-CHANGE,






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